Blast Processing Full Cut

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Blast Processing launching, we’ve put together a special full cut of the series.

This is the Director’s Preferred Cut, and by that we mean it’s the full series at its most cohesive for the wider audience. The intro from the pilot episode is gone, as are some of the crapper jokes, we’ve also added a beep track for the more offensive language as well as to add slight ambiguity and hopefully more humour.

Enjoy this special cut of Blast Processing and thank you for watching, whether that’s for the first time with this video or if you’ve been with us since the beginning.

What’s Next for Blast Processing

The series is over and for now that’s where Blast Processing is going to end. In the future there’s a chance a second series will be made, we certainly have some more stories we’d like to tell with these characters and in this world, but for now we’ve moving on to different things.


With that in mind you should keep an eye on Greg Giddens’ website as well as his Twitter feed, as any new projects will be announced there first. And rest assured there are new projects in the works, for example: new narrative web series, animations, audio projects and let’s plays.


Blast Processing might return but until it does they’ll still be things you can watch and listen to, produced my the same creative minds behind this series.


Thank you for watching Blast Processing and I hope you follow us wherever we end up going next.

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Blast Processing Gag Reel

Watch and listen to Greg Giddens, Neale Jarrett and Steve Peacock mess up lines, laugh hysterically, and tell inappropriate jokes in the Blast Processing Gag Reel.

Almost 25 minutes of hilarity, all in one animated video.

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Our Appearance on the Nerds Assemble Podcast

Blast Processing’s creator, Greg Giddens, was a guest on the Nerds Assemble Podcast on Tuesday 3/09/13.

Click the links below to download the mp3 version or listen through iTunes.

Click here for the MP3 download.

Find the podcast on iTunes here.

The gang discuss the 2DS, Firefly comics, underage kids playing violent games, and of course Blast Processing. Be sure to tune in to learn more about the web series.