The Delay of Episode 8

You may be wondering why no new episodes have been uploaded. Well unfortunately we’ve had a hard drive die on us and it’s caused a delay in getting content out there. Fear not though, we’ve got it all backed up and we will be bringing you more episodes as soon as we’re up and running again. Please bear with us; we’ve got so much more to show you, including: Steve’s mysterious illness fully manifesting itself, Neale causing trouble with portals, Leena revealing her bad-assery and Greg trying to keep the gang from imploding. Not to mention the Players and their shenanigans.

Blast Processing Episode 7

The seventh episode of the hilarious, videogame themed animated series is finally here!

Steve’s unpredictable nature is cause for concern amongst his NPC friends, especially considering the power this new ‘bugged’ area provides. Player 1 won’t enter this area and the NPC who resides here is a little odd, our heroes find out why.





Arcadia By Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Sword Draw Effect by Gum_Bubble_Pop by Sound Explorer-1206462561 Nature Ambiance by

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Cast in order of appearance:

Greg – Greg Giddens Neale – Neale Jarrett Steve – Steve Peacock Leena – Leena Van Deventer Error – Kyle Brown

Our Appearance on the Nerds Assemble Podcast

Blast Processing’s creator, Greg Giddens, was a guest on the Nerds Assemble Podcast on Tuesday 3/09/13.

Click the links below to download the mp3 version or listen through iTunes.

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The gang discuss the 2DS, Firefly comics, underage kids playing violent games, and of course Blast Processing. Be sure to tune in to learn more about the web series.